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Come See About These...

I know youtube playlists are anything but ideal, but it'll have to do...This is a lovely bunch of female singers, mostly 60's pop. Some of my old favorites and some of my new favorites...

Fay Simmons (to my Philly friends, she's a Philly native!)

Toni Fisher

The Ronettes

Etta James

Ellie Greenwich

France Gall

Nicole Paquin

The Primettes (pre-Supremes. Performing this song are Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Betty McGlown, and Diana Ross)

great one from The Supremes

and of course...The Shirelles

Buddy & Stacey

Possibly the best dancing duo I've ever seen...especially considering the pants. Also, Jimi Hendrix is in the backup band. I'm not sure what kind of a source this youtuber had, but it's apparently the first known filmed footage of Jimi.