Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Therein Lies...

Can someone enlighten me...all this talk about vaccines...have we forgotten about the pigs?

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Three Strikes and You're Out

Once upon a time....

I squashed what could have been my prince charming
while running in the woods
on a damp day

I felt him
like a ball of jelly
give way under my big clunky shoe

I skidded to a stop
and turned to face my victim
all sideways and tilted, unmoving on the trail

I picked up a stick
poke him and see if he moves
but his eyes melted my heart and made me hate myself

I left him alone
it's the only thing to do now
then check back later to see how he's fared

Turns out that Mr. Toad
was more resiliant than one would expect
he pulled himself together and moved off the trail

I'm much more careful now, where I stomp around
I try to see the moss and bugs and trees and toads
and where my footprints go

...might not be so lucky next time


Lucky man, that Oscar Peterson

Yeah, Sister!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing God


ARTS / ART & DESIGN   | September 29, 2009
A Brain on Fire, Spreading to Phones
Two designers in Austin, Tex., have created a video game for the iPhone based on the art and music of the eccentric Texas singer and songwriter, Daniel Johnston.

Contrary to first appearances, I didn't mean for my blog to be all about Daniel Johnston. BUT. This article just came out today and I read it just now...the day after yesterday...the day after starting my blog. So I feel obligated to comment.

I bet the game is pretty cool...but...isn't there something obviously wrong with making someone else's life into a game? Especially when that "someone else" is Daniel Johnston: true genius, many people's proclaimed hero (including the makers of the video game), and someone who has been hospitalized due to his severe mental and emotional instability. I'm half expecting that they simulated the plane accident Daniel caused when he was convinced he needed to kill himself and his father because satan had entered their bodies. Crashing a plane on an ipod is one thing....crashing a plane in real life is another. It's not ironic that Daniel's character Jeramiah looks like Daniel in his drawings, but it becomes ironic when in the article, it says, "Jeremiah, [is] a boyish character who is turned into a frog in the new video game 'Hi, How Are You.'" DANIEL JOHNSTON DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE TURNED INTO A FROG! Please remember...when you play this game, you're playing with Daniel Johnston's life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I love...

...Daniel Johnston